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Switching From Flute To Piccolo

Is It Easy?

Depending on how much experience you have with your flute playing, it could be either fairly hard, or fairly easy to you. All people are different in terms of learning a new instrument. Luckily, once you can play the flute, the piccolo can come very easily if you know what to do.

What you should do first is get your piccolo. Now, I am not going to go into great detail about what kind of piccolo you should have, because I will leave that for another article, but I will say that you need to buy a piccolo that will work for you, and if it doesn’t, then you aren’t going to be very successful.

After you have your piccolo, you are well on your way to being able to switch between the flute and the piccolo.

What Do I Do First?

The first thing you should do is get used to playing on the piccolo, for if you want to start switching back and forth successfully, you need to be able to play the piccolo by itself first. Playing the piccolo can be a bit tricky as it requires a tighter embouchure, but within no time, you should be able to play like a profressional.

If you are having trouble playing the piccolo, I am going to write another article.

After you have become proficient on the piccolo, the next thing you need to do is playing the flute again. Now, this might sound silly, but until you have actually been playing the piccolo for the first time for a couple hours, you don’t realize that you are adjusting your embouchure to the piccolo. When you go back to the flute, you are going to be a bit surprised because you may not sound like you normally sound, and this is normally. It happened to me the first time I tried switching back and forth. This will go away over time, so don’t be worried all that much.

Next, you want to start switching back and forth every half hour or so, to really be able to teach your lips to adjust back and forth. After you have been able to do this correctly, change the half hour to every fifteen minutes, then ten minutes, and so on. Soon enough, you will be able to successfully change between the flute and the piccolo without problems.

Now What?

The big question is: Now that I can do this, what should I do now? Well, what I would suggest doing, is never go too long without playing the piccolo. This can be a very bad error that I have seen way too many times. Always rehearse with the piccolo every once in a while so you don’t end up getting rusty.

A good opportunity to show off your new skill of switching between the flute and the piccolo is playing in a pit orchestra.

You can read about playing flute in a pit orchestra here!

This can be an excellent way to practice switching back and forth, and a good way to make friends and learn some new music.

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