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Is a Gold Lip Plate Worth It?

Myths About the Gold Lip Plate!

#1 Gold lip plates automatically make your tone improve.

Busted: Even with the most expensive kind of flute, your tone will not automatically improve without practice, in fact, with a new flute, you might have a hard time since it isn’t the flute you are used to.

#2 A gold riser is always included with a gold lip plate.

Busted: In most cases, it isn’t! Usually the gold lip plate is just a ploy to get more money from the buyer. It is always very important to make sure that the gold riser will come with the gold lip plate!

#3 A gold lip plate is purely for cosmetic reasons.

True: A gold lip plate is just to look at if it doesn’t have a gold riser. Since none of the air that goes into making the sound touches the lip plate, it would make sense that it wouldn’t help your tone at all.

#4 A gold riser will make a difference in your tone.

Partially True: While a gold riser technically has an effect on the air that is going through your flute, it is either very minor, or not noticeable by any means.

#5 A gold lip plate/riser is worth the investment.

Busted: If you were to decide to sell your flute at a later point in time, on a place such as Ebay, you would have trouble, as a lot of people have cosmetic preferences for a flute. So, a gold lip plate could be a decision maker for a potential buyer.

Here is a video that explains the technical things about a gold lip plate and how it doesn’t affect your tone.

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