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Graph of music frequencies chromatic scale

Graph of music frequencies chromatic scale

Here’s a graph depicting the frequencies of the chromatic scale for one octave starting from A4, which is standardized at 440 Hz. Each point represents the frequency of the corresponding note.​

The Harmony of Mathematics: Understanding the Chromatic Scale through Frequencies

Music is not just an art form but also a mathematical wonder. The chromatic scale, a musical scale with twelve pitches, each a semitone apart, is a perfect example of this fusion. In the visualization below, we explore the mathematical side of music by charting the frequencies of the notes in the chromatic scale starting from A4, which is standardized at 440 Hz.

The Significance of A4

The A4 note, often used as the tuning standard for musical pitch, resonates at the frequency of 440 Hz. This serves as our starting point for the scale. As we move through the scale, each subsequent note is a semitone higher than the last, which corresponds to a specific frequency that can be calculated through a precise mathematical formula.

The Mathematical Formula

Visualizing the Scale

Our graph presents a simple yet informative representation of these frequencies. Each point on the graph corresponds to a note in the scale. The frequencies increase as we move from left to right, showing the exponential nature of the frequency increase.

Observing the Patterns

As you look at the graph, you’ll notice the uniform distances between the notes, despite the increasing frequency. This is because the ratio of frequencies between any two consecutive notes is the same, which is what creates the semitone intervals that are so crucial to Western music.


Through this graph, the connection between music and mathematics is made clear. The chromatic scale is not just a series of notes but a pattern of frequencies that can be understood, measured, and visualized through the lens of mathematics. As we delve deeper into the world of music theory and acoustic physics, the scale serves as a beautiful reminder of how deeply intertwined the worlds of art and science really are.

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