Practicing With SmartMusic!

What is SmartMusic?!

SmartMusic is a great program for beginners and experts as it provides many different concert band songs, full orchestra songs, and solos for one flat price of about $30 a year. You can make your own opinions but I feel that this a great price for all of the content that you can receive through the program.

The program also has a lot of features that, if used correctly, can be an excellent resource for anyone.

For example, you might be in band class struggling on a certain run in the music. Luckily for you, that same piece is in SmartMusic, and using the program you can slow down the song, and loop those measures until you get perfect. As we all know, getting notes perfect is imperative if you want to advance in any song.

What Features Are There?

Getting to know the features in SmartMusic can take a very long time to do as there are so many. While we learn all of these features, SmartMusic comes out with better and more user-friendly versions nearly every year.

For example, they just came out with a new layout which allows you to easily filter out the songs that you don't need. You can filter out the ensembles, and difficulty levels that you don't require. So if you wanted to find a medium level, concert band song, you could easily just check off those boxes and not have to worry about searching through advanced songs or easy songs, or for something such as a jazz ensemble.

Now that this feature is included, it is much easier to find a song that you are more likely to play with some degree of difficulty but it isn't too hard for you.

What About All The Space It Takes Up?

That is a very good question because it seems now, that everything is getting bigger and it takes up more space on your computer. As we all know, the less space you have, the more likely your computer is to go slower and run into problems.

Well, with SmartMusic, you don't have to worry about it taking up a lot of space on your computer because it will only download the songs that you want to play. Every song that you play for the first time is downloaded and stored on your computer, so that the next time that you play that song, it will still be there and you don't have to download it again.